Services for children typically involve parent/guardians in sessions.

For adolescents and adults, initial consultation may be with the client alone, client and important other(s), or with carers/guardians alone depending on the nature of the referral and client consent.

Psychology sessions take place in the client’s natural setting, such as home, school, workplace, community, or online therapy. 

Spectrum Centre can provide support with:

Understanding and managing emotions

Emotional regulation and co-regulation


Adjustment to disability and diagnosis

Self-esteem and resilience

Participation at school or workplace



Home routines

Community participation

Parent support

Spectrum Centre can provide consultation and support with:

School advocacy

Training education staff

Workplace support

Training for support workers

Training for community groups

Case meetings

Spectrum Centre has extensive experience in working within a transdisciplinary team and can attend sessions with other allied health therapists and service providers (e.g., Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists, and Social Workers). This includes other therapists working in private practice and those working within larger not-for-profit organisations.